The United Kingdom 's Doctrine Of Parliament Essay

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Parliamentary Supremacy!

The United Kingdom’s doctrine of parliament is supreme, there is no parallel body that has as much power as the parliament. It is a crucial part of the Kingdoms unwritten constitution The Parliament can pass any law it wishes as long as it’s not changing the doctrine of parliament’s supremacy. The British parliament sovereignty is a very complex one which is why one must understand the legal definition of the word sovereign according the black’s law dictionary: “Supreme political authority; the self-sufficient political power”. The doctrine of parliament sovereignty is considered to be a core pillar of the U.K. This essay will examine to what extent is the Parliamentary supreme in the U.K?

The notion of parliamentary sovereignty stemmed from the 1689 “glorious revolution” in which king James the 2nd was forced out of his thrown. Causing the notion to spread and to be put into action (Vallence, 2011).Parliamentary supremacy means that one particular legislative body is the ultimate decision maker, above all other government institutions. This means that should a law be made it cannot be altered or stopped for any reasons and under any circumstances not even by the courts. However in some instances e.g. the only time when the courts will question the legitimacy of the parliament is when decision are made without using the correct procedures which are to have everything go through the monarch and the relevant houses. This was an issue because…

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