The United Kingdom ( Uk ) Essay

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The United Kingdom (UK) consist of multiple cultures within its country. Every culture has its own way of development, military and social factors. This brief discussion will talk about their landscape, weather, military history, and civilian consideration. England’s terrain consist of great valleys with rolling hills, woods and heavy brush. Three major urban areas, as well as multiple rivers flowing throughout the country. There are six major rivers, two run into the Bristol Channel and the other 4 run into the North Sea. England’s major urban areas are London, Birmingham, and Manchester, where “Greater London” has had the most “population growth with 8,173,941 personnel residing within it borders” (England’s terrain mostly, n.d.). The urban terrain is mostly condensed into smaller than normal housing, which in turns mean more buildings in a confined area. The rest of England is farmland. However, the land for farming is not flat, but comprised of mostly rolling hills. Not all farmland is considered for human sources, a lot of the land is shrubs and woodland areas. The government decided this to “preserve the wildlife” of the country (England’s terrain mostly, n.d.). Furthermore, some of the main infrastructure within England consists of the energy sector (i.e. biomass energy, offshore windmill, on shore windmill and combined cycle gas turbine and nuclear). Water has its own classification, where the infrastructure addresses the communities. United Kingdom’s…

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