The United Kingdom On Democracy Essay

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The United Kingdom on Democracy

Introduction The paper will analyze whether the United Kingdom has democracy based on two of Robert Dahl’s criteria: voting equality and enlightened understanding. The equality of voting will be studied based on information of the federal electoral system. Enlightened understanding of the voters in the UK will be examined by how citizens obtain information about policies based on news coverage. These indicators are applicable measures of Dahl’s democratic principles because citizens vote for their representative MP for policies and news coverage contains recent facts about politicians and the state’s current political status that influences the decision of the voter.

Voting Equality Voting equality refers to how every member “must have an equal and effective opportunity to vote, and all votes must be counted as equal” (Dahl, 1998). Equal voting generally means one person is equivalent to one vote.

Voting equality should represent frequent, fair, and free elections as indicators. As a brief definition, it means that there is an option to elect others if the current representatives do not portray the people well, that corruption and exploitation is non-existent or is kept at a minimum, and that the people have a freedom to oppose their representative or not vote without fear of punishment. Time-specific elections should be held to maintain the frequency of the elections, which means systematic time intervals must exist to keep the…

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