The United Kingdom Of The European Union Essay examples

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On Thursday, June 23, 2016, a referendum was held in the United Kingdom (UK) to determine whether or not the UK was to remain in the European Union (EU). Nearly 30% million people, representing over 70% of the UK’s voting population, voted on the referendum (Hunt and Wheeler). Results were in favor of the UK leaving the EU, although the vote within England was a close 53% to 47% vote. Similarly, 52.5% of votes in Wales called for exiting the EU. The decision to leave the EU has become known as “Brexit”, short for “British Exit”. Former UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, resigned the day after losing the referendum and was replaced by Theresa May, former home secretary. Since the United Kingdom is a large economy that has many ties to other nations, the implications involved with Brexit are far reaching and of large-scale impact. The implications are also deeply rooted in uncertainty, which is the root cause for negative economic and financial impact on the United Kingdom, European Union, United States, and other countries of the world. Leading up to Brexit, several factors led government officials and many United Kingdom citizens to think that leaving the EU would be the best choice for the UK. For one, an argument made by some is that membership in the EU hindered the UK’s trading ties with nations outside of the EU. Pro-Brexit lobby groups believed that by leaving the EU, the UK would be exposed to a whole new experience of economic commerce on a more global scale. On the…

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