The United Arab Emirates And India Essay

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Compare and Contrast Essay Traveling the world opens up the mind to new ways of thinking. Everyone wants to travel; it’s just a matter of where to. There are thousands of places an individual can visit; however, when deciding whether to vacation in India or the United Arab Emirates there are many factors to consider. Even though they are both Asian countries and are slightly near each other, the United Arab Emirates and India have an innumerable amount of differences and because of this, these places attract different people. For a significant amount of reasons, the United Arab Emirates is a worthier place to vacation as compared to India. The living standards in India and the United Arab Emirates are divergent to each other; the United Arab Emirates has better living standards compared to India. With a population of 1.31 billion people, India is much more populated than the UAE ; there are 1,300,840,000 more people living in India ("United Arab Emirates vs India”). The difference in these numbers in immense. India being so populated results in “chaos and louder streets” (Brown, Poirier). This doesn’t sound like a place anyone would want to vacation at. When wanting to vacation somewhere most people prefer places that aren’t so crowded and polluted, because of this the UAE is the best choice for a vacation spot. India has a poverty percentage of 21.9% whereas the UAE has a percentage of 0%; because of this fact, the UAE is known world wide for its tourist attraction and…

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