The Union Camp Chamberlin And Some Soldiers Come Across A Black Man

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In the union camp Chamberlin and some soldiers come across a black man who is a runaway slave (127). He speaks no English and can barely understand what the troops are saying (128). He had been shot by a woman who had saw him (131). So they had to a surgeon fix him up and feed him (129). Chamberlin encountering the slave shows his compassion against slavery. It is something he never really dwelled on but he realized that the black man was just like the rest of them just darker (134). Unlike Lee the confederate commander who believes a black man can never be equal to a white man (3). After the encounter he felt a little disgusted which made him ashamed of himself that he felt that way (136). Encountering the black man showed the thoughts and values of the union army. On the second day the second battle ensues between the confederate and union troops. The second fight shows just how stubborn Lee is. He refuses to listen to Longstreet and his suggestions on how to win the war (138). He gets annoyed when Longstreet does not approve his battle methods (139). Lee has no problems sending his troops to die and believes the only reason Longstreet does not like his battle plans is because he has to close of a relationship to the troops (146). Lee orders generals and their regiments into their places and they attack the union (144). This second battle really shows the split in the confederate army, because there is a commander that is heartlessly sending his troops to death with…

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