The Union And The Civil War Essays

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From 1861 to 1865, the United States engaged in war unlike any they had fought before. Instead of going against a foreign power or invaders on their land, Americans fought against themselves; North versus South. This period of conflict was called the Civil War. The North, or the Union, originally sought to preserve the Union and reclaim the southern states. But, they later added the abolishment of slavery to their desire to win. The South, also called the Confederacy, wanted independence from the U.S. and to preserve the institution of slavery. With these opposing views, Americans fought for four years, killing over 620,000 soldiers (more than any other war combined). Going into the war, the Union and the Confederates seemed fairly balanced; with the North’s various resources and the fact that the war was fought mainly on Southern land. But, in the end, it was the North who prevailed due to their superior army, stable government, ample resources, and strong leadership. The problems facing the Confederate were apparent as soon as they started to assemble an army. Unlike the Union, who already had 16,000 men as a regular army, the Confederate had to start a government, a military, and a navy from scratch; the South only had state militias and privately owned ships to work with. In fact, by 1862, both North and South armies had to draft soldiers to help alleviate the massive casualties occurring on both sides. However, the Union only had to draft 8 percent of their soldiers,…

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