Essay on The Uniform Code Of Military Justice

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The military has a set of rules that every member must follow. These laws hold them to an even higher standard than state and federal laws. Enlisting in the military involves stating an oath, which says that this is a choice without reservation or purpose of avoidance. Locally, the effect of this choice is all around us; there are over three thousand soldiers in the Montana National Guard. The army instills multiple creeds and acronyms into all its up- and- coming soldiers, in attempts to have them know these codes for many years to come. Soldiers are taught manners, how to do their job and duties, and to work their hardest to be their best. The Uniform Code of Military Justice is the foundation of all military law in the United States. In lay terms, it’s another set of rules that every military personnel must follow. These laws hold these individuals to an even higher standard than state and federal laws. The system of military justice looks upon all the four sections that you can see on the screen; the Constitution, UCMJ, Manual for Courts Martial, and precedents, which means that they take into account previous activities as well. This sets the bar higher for all military members, legally binding them to be their best selves. So, when someone enlists, do they have enough autonomy to make their own decisions after they sign on the dotted line? Recruiters really tell people interested in joining almost anything that they want to hear, like they’re going to be the next GI…

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