The Unicorn : A Miraculous Tapestry Essay example

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The Unicorn Is Found, is a miraculous tapestry that hangs in The Metropolitan Museum Of Art in New York. (Stokstad and Cothren). Unfortunately, the place of origin and the artist for this piece is unknown. It is composed of wool, silk, and metal threads, forming this 12-foot by 12-foot textile. This tapestry incorporates many human figures surrounding a simple fountain. The figures carry weaponry and shields, suggesting that these humans are on a hunt. They congregate together behind the fountain, and all appear to be conversing with one another. The clothing, as it matches with the castle in the background, is comprised of Renaissance characteristics. Below the figures sit a wide array of mythical creatures. The largest mythical creature, the unicorn, occupies space slightly off center in the lower portion of this piece. As the focal point in the tapestry, the unicorn appears as the one solely white-colored creature. The degree of whiteness aids the eye to focus on the main animal.
This piece is busy, chaotic, loud, and ultimately gets the viewers attention. In this paper we will be analyzing just one of the tapestries from “The Hunt of the Unicorn” series c. 1495-1505. The Unicorn is Found epitomizes a great work of art, as seen in the elements, and principles of design. Analysis of the paper will examine the principals of design used and the correlation of color and figure in which this complex textile was created.
The elements included in this piece are all intertwined,…

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