Psychotherapy And Humanism

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The book “The Unheard Cry for Meaning: Psychotherapy and Humanism” by Viktor Frankl is a book focusing on the personality of people and the different functions and potentials that individuals have. In the first reading, he discussed defense mechanisms and it was fascinating because unknowingly these mechanisms affect our everyday interactions and personalities. Defense mechanisms are a part of who we are and sometimes that is good and bad. This made me reflect on my own defense mechanisms because at times you are aware of your defense mechanisms, but wonder if its based on fight or flight or just pure experience. On another note, Frankl had used a terms like logotherapy, which I learned about throughout his book. Its meaning is therapy through …show more content…
Many times these thoughts would overlap to questions such as, who we are and why are we here. More importantly, the idea of the self fascinated me. Going on, the concept of self-transcendence was another idea that blew my mind because I wondered if many or anyone could ultimately achieve it. According to Frankl, self-transcendence is the capacity that that man can potentially reach if they detach themselves from themselves (Frankl, 1978). I believe it can be true, but through extensive self-reflection and more. The thing I find difficult is facing our demons because we do everything in our power to avoid them. The most difficult part would be accepting the flaws because every individual has them and being self-accepting. Transcendence includes people finding meaning fulfillment and loving encounter. Which means allowing one to reach out and finding love. In my opinion, this is one of the most difficult tasks because I am an individual who has trust issues and afraid of commitment in fear of being hurt. All of this set aside, Frankl does state that pain and suffering is apart of the process. In reference to clients and my vocation I will indeed try to take into consideration the personalities of other individuals, but I am not sure in what way yet. This is because I am not quite sure what line of work I want to do. My goal in life is to be at peace with my demons because thus far they have been a major part of my self-doubt. I believe self-transcendence can be achieved but it is a long process and hopefully in the near future I will be able to see the progress I have made. My biggest accomplishment thus far is my steps toward self-acceptance and this has only been through my years here at Azusa Pacific

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