Essay on The Unfortunate Reality Of Evil

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The unfortunate reality of evil being an element of humanity is a hard pill for some to swallow, and can be an even more difficult concept to comprehend and breakdown philosophically. In a pluralistic world with many competing religions and worldviews, the concept of what is morally wrong can definitely be distorted to fit one’s lifestyle, or the norms of a particular culture. The presence of wickedness introduces the proverbial monkey wrench scenario for atheists, pantheists, agnostics, and to some extent Christians. A current example of evil that abounds in our world is the abuse of people by the hand and will of another, whether it be physical or emotional, which can precipitate the death of one’s body and/or spirit. Each belief system offers differing reactions to the pervasiveness of such immoral behavior, and are worthy of being examined. The concept of evil for an atheist presents the problem of helplessness due to the lack of belief in God, and the incorporation of naturalism in one’s reasoning. This way of thinking would not tolerate the need, nor desire, to postulate why wickedness existed, because in a sense it is as inconsequential as the eminence of a supreme being. Phillips, Brown, & Stonestreet (2008) expressed the naturalistic stance very coherently, “for the naturalist, there is no deeper meaning to evil and suffering to be found” (p. 151). Thus, evil to an atheist might not appear to be of concern, but merely representative of unpleasant outcomes…

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