The Unexpected Miracle Of The Miracle Essay examples

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The Unexpected Miracle Sometimes life decides to be generous and without warning it gave me a beautiful gift. It was the birth of my baby brother. Now, of course most people will probably think, what’s so special? It is just another sibling? But, this little guy changed my life before he was even born.

It was around last year in September when I started realizing the little changes my mom was experiencing. It was little things like she stopped exercising and resting a lot more. There were also lots of mood swings and she wasn’t feeling well a lot of the times. For as long as I can remember my mom has been ill; she also had kidney transplantation. There are many ways she’s sick for example; rapid changes in blood pressure, blood clots, heart complications along with many other things, she also has preexisting condition where at any random moment she can be sent to the hospital. I and my siblings grew up around that, we would wake up in the morning and my dad and my mom would be gone, which means that she had to go to the hospital. I was always like a second mother to my younger brother, when things like this happened I would always make sure he was ready to go to school and that everything was finished. During my mom’s pregnancy with our first brother, she almost died along with my brother. We were moving from Kazakhstan to America while she was pregnant, and just after three weeks of living in America, Moses was born about four months premature. That was the background…

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