Essay on The Unequal Treatment Of Minorities

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The unequal treatment of minorities in the criminal justice system is one of the most serious problems facing America. The American society can not evolve or depicted as an equal right country for all,if state and federal law enforcement continue discriminatory behavior towards minorities. Ten years ago, Robert Sampson and Williams Julius Wilson (1995) proposed a hypothesis of race and urban disparity to clarify the unbalanced representation of African Americans as victims and offenders in crimes. Sampson and Williams purpose is to address the hidden issues in the criminal justice system in the connection between race and violent crime by explaining social and cultural arguments in race,crime,and inequality in America. The main idea expressed was community-level statues are examples of racial inequality such as social segregation and ecological concentration of the lower class minorities. That lead to macro-level structural barriers and cultural adaptations that cause social organization and ultimately the control of crime. Their theory has come to be known as "racial invariance" in the major reasons for violence. A criminal justice reform’s goal is to understand and apply new theoretical heading for the investigation of race,ethnicity, and violence. Supporting racial invariance is the collaborating factors of poverty, income, family disrupting(family member incarcerated),and unemployment. Consider Shaw and McKay’s (Shaw and McKay 1969 [1942]) observation in Chicago…

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