The Unemployment Of The United States Essay

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It is a known fact that workers in the United States are the most productive in the world and this is because they world longer hours than any other developed country. The U.S. is a country where there are more than US$13 trillion year in income annually. However, there is a prevalence of stagnant wages and family incomes. There is rising income insecurity among the citizens. With the eroding health care benefits and disappearing pensions, workers are at a loss. There are approximately four million workers in the country who are earning the minimum wage of US$7.25 per hour (US Bureau of Labor, 2011). In the scenario, one problem at hand is how to communicate with the employees of a small business that giving them double (US$15/hour) of what they are presently receiving. Another problem of the employer is how to keep the business alive should there be some drastic moves to be done such as retrenchment of workers and streamlining the organization. Indeed these issues are significant because it is about the economy which translates to employment, poverty, and a lot more that has to do with how Americans will be able to survive. The clamor of many American workers today is to raise the minimum wage because it would alleviate the poverty level. A justified wage is considered to be a relative factor, according to financial and economic analysts since the wage or pays scale is dependent on the economy or sustainability of a country. A justified or minimum wage of any employee or…

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