The Understandings Of Indigenous Education That Have Been Gained From Unit Topics

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The purpose of the first part of this report critically reflects on the understandings in Indigenous Education that have been gained from unit topics. The report acknowledges that Standard Australian English is a second language for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, that attitudes need to change both of teachers and of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and parents, and the need for schools to adopt a culturally supportive framework. In addition best practice examples are discussed from the Strong and Smart documentary and three AITSIL Professional Standard mini viewings. The second part of the report discusses best practices, teaching and learning strategies and resources that could be applied to Visual Arts and Literacy learning areas in a year two classroom.


It is an expectation that after applying the five-step approach to teach reading and writing to first year students that “every child will be able to independently read and write within the first year of school,” however “many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children are still not able to read and write independently after three years of school” (Rose, Gray & Cowey, as cited in Harrison & Sellwood, 2016, p. 148). There are many factors that contribute to this outcome. Firstly for many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children learning Standard Australian English is like learning a “foreign language” (Harrison & Sellwood, 2016, p. 179). It…

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