The Understandings Of Diversity, Equity And Inclusion Essays

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This essay explores the understandings of diversity, equity and inclusion in relation to the Australian Curriculum and their significance when teaching the Humanities, Health and Physical Education. This essay also reflects some of the responses in relation to the two quote prompts specified by Marsh (2011) and Benn (2012). It also depicts the key themes and issues related with diversity, inclusion and equity and also make connections when teaching Humanities, Health and Physical Education.

Inclusion is described as a value or an attitude (Tripp, 2007). Kunc (1992) described inclusion means that all students are included meaningfully. But UNESCO (2005) addressed that inclusion means addressing and responding all learners in spite of diverse needs with some changes made in strategies, structure and approaches. When teaching health and physical education, teacher inclusive practices should increase students’ activity levels, physical skills, learning capabilities, empathy for others, understandings of gender, age and cultural differences and the sense of belonging. Teacher should practice the professional capacity of including, motivating and engaging students with disabilities with peers and there should be no difference. Behaviour Intervention Plan (BIP) can be implemented for the inclusion of students with chronic and /or disruptive behaviour issues as stated by Lavay (2006). The best approach to include students with disabilities and diverse skilled students in…

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