The Understanding Of Obesity And Obesity Essay

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The understanding of obesity Globally recognized, children’s weight has increased significantly over the years and continues to be a critical problem across the world. Obesity…what is it? The technical definition of obesity is an individual with a Body Mass Index (BMI) at or above 30 kg/m. This number is determined by your weight (in kilograms) divided by your height (in meters) and then the quotient is squared. This is the most current and regularly used technique to determine obesity in adults; even though BMI tests are used for children diagnosis as well, there are slightly more complications in determining true body weight. Some complications can be due to the fact that BMI testing does not put into account the possibility of lean muscle in the child and/ or the bone mass. Leading to error in diagnosis and showing the difficulty in accurately measuring body fatness (Insel, Ross, McMahon, & Berstein, 2014, p.335-338). Obesity typically occurs when the energy intake of an individual is higher than the energy output of the individual. Basically stating that when someone eats more calories than they are burning by doing general activities (Insel, Ross, McMahon, & Bernstein, 2014, p.327-328). The causes, effects, and prevention of childhood obesity will be provided in this paper.
Causes of Obesity
Eating Habits Eating habits play a large role in childhood obesity because what you are putting into the body influences the outcome of weight. The convenience of…

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