The Understanding Of Gender And Sexuality Essay

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The understanding of gender and sexuality is a growing deficient in the United States and around the world. Because of this deficient, many people do not understand the severity of LGBT issues and the growing statistics of violence, discrimination, bullying, and inequality surrounding teens that are within the LGBTQIAP+ community. Outreach personnel that work with youth and have a background in Psychology plus Gender and Sexuality studies striving to create change are very important to the success of equality in our society.
Micah Johnson was the previous Director of School Outreach at a non-profit organization that caters to LGBT youth in Charlotte, NC called Time Out Youth. Johnson has a bachelor’s degree from Luther College in the study of Psychology, a masters in Social Work from St. Ambrose University, and is currently attending law school at Drake University in Iowa in hopes to pursue a career in Social Justice. Although Johnson’s official title was “Director of School Outreach”, a typical day consisted of a lot of a variety of duties due to Time Out Youth’s non-profit status and the amount of variety that was included in his job description. A normal day could consist of creating visibility for the organization, strategic outreach to schools, participating in research to increase inclusion, individual counseling including crisis intervention, planning and presenting workshops, grant writing, and fundraising.
Due to the variety of skills needed to successfully…

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