The Underrepresentation Of Asian Americans Essay

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percent of the Orange County Sheriff’ Department were Asian-American” (p. 161). In comparison to the underrepresentation of Asian-Americans in the police force, Hispanics are also shown to be underrepresented nationwide. Statistics from AllGov (2014) revealed that Montclair, California has a 70% Hispanic population but Hispanics consist of only 15% of the police force. Houston is comprised of 88% Hispanic but the police force only has 13% Hispanic officers employed (AllGov, 2014). Policing in multicultural societies will require diversity as a condition of recruiting qualified minority candidates. Police officers must be sensitive and impartial to different cultures. Cross-cultural training, community mediation skills, and respecting individual rights is critical in today’s policing as law enforcement seek to recruit Asian-American officers (Hanser & Gomila, 2015).
As waves of Asian immigrants pour into the United States, violent Asian street gangs and their criminal endeavors also emerge. Asian gangs have a tendency to target Asian families largely due to the fact that these families are reluctant to report criminal incidents to law enforcement authorities (Shusta et al., 2011). Language barriers contribute to an underreporting of crime and botched criminal investigations. Studies from the Asian Nation (2015) indicate that “Asian immigrants came from countries where the police were seen as completely corrupted, woefully ineffective, or even working in conjunction with…

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