The Underground Tomb That Disney World Essay

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Walt Disney was one of America’s most well-known entrepreneurs. He was a creator of many things from comics, to motion-pictures, to theme parks. Walt was a man of many visions, one of the most creative people this world has ever seen. Walt was born December 5, 1901 and died only 65 years later. December 15, 1966 lung cancer took the best of him and died before his final park, Walt Disney World, was complete. What many people did not know was the underground tomb that Disney was buried in. In 1965 Walt was purchasing many properties for his ultimate theme park, Walt Disney World. One of the properties that was purchased was a small 11 acre island. During the construction, that island named Treasure Island was being populated for its grand opening. This park was made to allow guest to interact and see animals in a whole new experience. It was an open wilderness experience that guest could see many different species of wild animals. Many people did not know before that island was open to guest and populated with animals a very large underground tomb was built on that property. When Walt found out he had cancer he bought the island and placed a large steel tomb underground and built Treasure Island on top of it. This steel container that Walt had buried on this island was ten feet high and the box had a span 40,000 square feet. He wanted to keep many important things in there for generations many years down the road to eventually find. Walt had secretly designed blueprints…

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