The Uncharted Forest And City In Anthem By Ayn Rand

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In the novella, Anthem, written by Ayn Rand. There are two major destinations, The Uncharted Forest and the City that everyone lives in. The City is the only place that anyone in that world has ever known. They’ve heard of the Uncharted Forest but as a scare tactic or in the history their world. These two places are completely different. One has a jungle mangy like feel and the other is sophisticated and orderly. In the City, everyone follows their rules and puts the group before themselves. Equality and Liberty have both experienced these places and these are some of the things that Equality explains through his journals. Also, here are some comparisons between the City and the Uncharted Forest.
One way that the Uncharted Forest and the City are different is that the Uncharted Forest is a mangy, jungle looking forest and people are afraid of this place. From the things that Equality has to learn of this place down in his tunnels are that this place is from the Unmentionable Times when technology ruled the world. A quote that shows this is, “We made a bow and many arrows. We can kill more birds than we need for our food; we find water and fruit in the forest. At night, we choose a clearing, and we build a ring of fires around it. We sleep in the midst of that ring, and the beasts dare not attack us. We can see their eyes, green and yellow as coals, watching us from the tree branches beyond…” (Rand, 84). This quote explains the things that Equality and Liberty must do to

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