The Unachievable Dream In 'The Great Gatsby'

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Aysha Imtiaz
Ms. Garcia
American Literature II
The Unachievable Dream
The American Dream doesn’t have a solid definition. Everyone has their own definition for the American Dream. To me the American Dream is when everyone is treated equally, and everyone is given the chance to be successful. The “American Dream” is an important topic in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel because we learn that the impervious dream no longer exists, and in the novel we learn why. The Great Gatsby is a novel about Jay Gatsby, an eccentric millionaire told by Nick Carraway who is from the Midwest. Nick lives between East and West Egg. West egg is where the “new rich” live, and the new rich are the people who have made their own money after World War I through
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The characters in the Great Gatsby all had their own perspective on the American Dream. Gatsby’s American Dream did not affect the feelings of others, because his only goal was to be with Daisy, and to achieve that he earned his money, so he could show Daisy that he was capable of taking care of her. But Daisy and her perception of the American Dream made her go more towards Tom, because they were both part of the same class. Daisy and Gatsby would never work because Daisy doesn’t care for love. She is selfish and only wants to be with a man who will boost her self – esteem and Tom does that for her. Nick also has his own viewpoint of the American Dream. Nick is one of the more understanding characters. He doesn’t care for social class and wealth. He thinks Gatsby is a better person than Tom and Daisy, because Gatsby had faith and hope in his dream, and he wanted to work hard for it, while Tom and Daisy were already given everything. The reason that the American Dream is unachievable is because we have put this image in our head that you need to be rich and have power to say you have achieved the American Dream, but really all it takes to achieve the American Dream is to work hard, be successful and have faith and hope in your

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