The Ultimate Sociology Paper On Stereotypes And Agentic Women

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The Ultimate Sociology Paper on Stereotypes and Agentic Women Stereotypes surround everyone on a daily basis, whether people are rich, poor, black, white, man or woman. Most often women are stereotyped as being agentic and using “feminine niceness.” Women are often stereotyped/ not liked for having male gendered typed jobs which creates bias. Prescriptive stereotypes against agentic women leads to discrimination towards women in the work force.
In recent studies they found, when women were successful in male typed jobs they were less liked and more personally derogated (Fuchs, Tamkins, Heilman, & Wallen, 2004, p.416). They found that these negative outcomes were only demonstrated towards women when the success was in the area that was distinctively male in character. Being disliked in the workforce can have career affecting challenges and women start to depreciate themselves. Gender stereotypes can create bias towards the judgment of women even though they prove themselves to be successful and are competent. Women are most often subjected to gender biased evaluations within the work force. When they subject themselves to male gendered typed tasks, they are often devalued and face criticism. Even though women’s accomplishments are clear and concise within male type jobs, they still face gender bias and discrimination (Fuchs, Tamkins, Heilman, & Wallen, 2004, p.416). People would think that if a woman can handle a man’s job, she would be able to reach high goals within her…

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