The Uk ' S Penal System Essays

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Throughout this assignment I will explore the UK’S penal system, explore the good and bad points about it and compare it to a complete contrast of a penal system namely Norway’s, I will explore the differences between the two penal systems and then come to a conclusion as to whether I feel that imprisonment in the UK works as a response to offending. Over the years the United Kingdom has used a variety of different methods as punishments for offending, The UK Penal system currently operates in a punitive way, meaning that it is focussed on punishment rather than rehabilitation, in the UK we have gone from an extreme form of punishment, using Capital Punishment which was abolished under all circumstances in 1998, to placing offenders in Prisons as a punishment for their crimes.
A prison is ‘a building to which people are legally committed as a punishment for a crime or while awaiting trial’ (oxford dictionary). Prisons were introduced mainly as a deterrent for crime, The criminal Justice systems offers sentences for major and minor crime, this suggests that the offenders are weighing up the benefits and costs of committing the crime and then deciding whether or not to go ahead with it, Statistics show however that most crimes are impulsive or opportunistic often having no planning what so ever, often prisoners refer to it as a ‘Moment of madness’ (Wilson, S 2003), quite often prisoners will learn from other inmates skills and techniques needed to commit further crimes once…

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