The Uk Is Too Weak, And Its Us Counterpart Too Powerful Essay

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In this essay I will critically evaluate the view that the legislature in the UK is too weak, and its US counterpart too powerful. I will do this by examining both the roles of the both of the legislatures in each of the respective countries while then moving on to provide a comparison between the two different operations of the legislature and within that see how close they come to the ideal point in respects to how powerful a legislature should be giving examples of where they have coincided with the view expressed in the above statement.
The UK legislature is bicameral meaning it has two chambers these are called the house of commons and the house of lords The role of the UK legislature is not always agreed upon as the definition is not set out in a codified constitution although one of the common functions the UK legislature is seen to perform is the passing of bills though the houses of parliament which can be introduced by the ruling government or members of parliament(MP) and then leading onto another role of the legislature in the UK which is to examine the bills and the government of the day this is done in both the house of commons and the house of lords this can be done in various ways such as debate allowing them to expose potential flaws in government policy or promote government policy they also have the opportunity to look over the bills in a much more in depth way that a member of the public has the chance to do there is also a select committee which help…

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