The Uk Government Is Constrained by the Constitution Essay

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The UK government is constrained by the British Constitution
Constitutions are fundamental rules that regulate how a state or any other type of organisation is supposed to be governed. A quote by the UCL Constitution Unit “Constitutions organise, distribute and regulate state power. They set out the structure of the state, the major state institutions, and the principles governing their relations with each other and with the state’s citizens”. The points I would like to raise that would support this statement are that the UK constitution is uncodified, Parliamentary Sovereignty, government control over parliament. However there are major points that would contradict with this statement; Rule of law, European court of human rights,
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This would mean that the government is very centralised and dominant. This would also mean that the citizens’ rights are weak and can also be withdrawn with very less protection. Furthermore the rules and conventions are particularly unclear which means it can be changed or overridden.
However the government is still deterred by the Rule of Law which states that a). All actions is limited and responsible b). All citizens’ are under the same law c). The judiciary is independent of political influence. What this means is that the people is protected and are allowed a voice of opinion to the government on what they are doing. On that note the people are also protected by the European Court of Human Rights which is in the European constitution and that is also included in the UK constitution therefore the government’s power over the people is minimised and controlled by their own constitution. What this means is that if the government makes a law that contradicts with the European constitution it is overruled due to the fact that it can override the UK law and it has more power.

Referendums impact a great deal on how much the government can do. A referendum is when the government is divided because of localised problem the government holds a referendum to hear what the public say. Once they recall the vote and see which side the majority of the public is on they make a decision on that

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