The UK as a Destination Essay

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BTEC Level 3
Diploma in
Travel and Tourism

Long-haul Travel Destinations (Unit 8)

10 Credits Unit.


Tutor: Simon Smith

Internal Verifier: Elizabeth Gensler

Internally Verified and Approved: September 2013

Handed to students: Week commencing 9th September 2013

Assessment hand in date: Specific Dates are included in the Course Assessment Schedule

Assignment front sheet
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Simon Smith
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W/C 9th September 2013
January 2014

Unit number and title
BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Travel & Tourism
Unit 8 – Long-haul Travel Destinations
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Sources of information.

Atlases, Holiday Brochures, Guide Books, trade and national press travel supplements, TV Travel programmes and Travel Channels, plus your own travel experiences,

Task 2

For this task, you need to research five different types of Long-haul destinations. These should cover the categories of a City, Coastal, and Purpose-Built, Natural and Historical destination. You need to select a different destination within each of the different categories from different countries around the world. Your Tour Operator is anxious to promote these destinations and you have been asked to produce a PowerPoint presentation which could be used by staff in the reservations department that will outline the different types of holiday that each destination offers to different customer types, identifying both the travel and motivating factors.

The customer types to consider include leisure travellers, e.g. families, couples, students travelling during a gap year and those visiting friends and relatives. You should also consider business travellers and those customers travelling for educational purposes or for medical reasons. (P2)
What do I need to do to successfully complete task 2?

Your presentation should, within the content, describe the holiday type best suited for the destination. E.g. Short Break, Multi Centre, Stopover, Hotel Based. All Inclusive, Special Occasion, Activity, Cruising, Touring and

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