The Ugly Truth : Overwhelming Debt Is Contagious But Avoidable

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The Ugly Truth: Overwhelming Debt is Contagious But Avoidable Have you wondered why 40% of students do not graduate college within 6 years? Every year, millions of students graduate from High School. For many students, pursuing higher education is their personal choice while others are attending because they are told to do so. Even so, students pursuing higher education must be realistic and exclude themselves from contributing to the millions of students who end up buried in debt. College is worth it, that is depending on each individual’s choice. Despite the ridiculous amount of debt, students need to think critically before deciding to attend college and must evaluate their financial needs and academic capabilities. College tuition has increased dramatically over the past years, discouraging students to attend even though there is financial resources available to them. Tuition cost has risen by 945% since 1980 because of supply and demand. As demand for college increases, so does enrollment and tuition. This is due to the limited number of students each University can enroll, higher demand equals higher tuition. Thus, hysterically increasing the total student-loan debt in the United States surpassing $1 trillion. Such scary statistics deprive students from achieving their dreams. However, prepared students who pursue and inquire closely their financial situation by applying to more than one scholarship strive for higher education.
Students who plan to pursue higher…

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