The Ugly Truth About Rape Essay

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“The Ugly Truth About Rape”
If you 're a victim of rape (women), at some point a man will ask you if it was consensual. "Are you sure it was rape?" he 'll ask. You must be careful how you answer this question. The best technique is to form a candid yet evident opinion, then accidently cold-cock the guy. Trust me, this is the easiest way out. Because you will never come up with the right answer. The problem is that women generally do not think of rape in the same way that men do. Most men form an opinion of rape in high school, and they stick to it for the rest of their lives. Some men form the opinion that in some rape scenarios the women are “asking for it”, and they do not change this opinion even when there are feminist protesting around him 24/7 and practically shoving it down his throat. Most men, I believe, think of themselves as “victims too”. Men will think this even if the closest thing they had to sexual assault was the girl at the park accidently stepping on his foot. Being an average victim of rape does not bother them; average is fine for men. This is why men never ask other men if they are sure it was rape. Their primary form of rape is just sex with a passed out drunk girl, which is essentially the same form of knowledge that they give to their pregnant dog. If, at the end of his five-minute daily debate with a feminist, a man has managed to sound like a hypocritical prick and is not bleeding too badly, he feels that he has said all he can, so he stops…

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