The U.s. Dream Academy Essay

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The U.S. Dream Academy
After participating with the U.S. Dream Academy for approximately a little over three months my classmates and myself who I volunteered with have recognized a lot of different things about the program. One of the main public health issues that our organization addresses in children between grades 3 through 8 who have either been incarceration or absent, students who have been failing or falling behind with their school work and students who overall live in unhealthy living conditions.
The U.S. Dream Academy is known to be spread across all different states and cities in America such as Memphis, Indianapolis, Philadelphia, East Orange and more, in Baltimore they are specifically partnering with the Pimlico Elementary/Middle School that is located ten to twenty minutes away from the Homewood campus. In addition, because the local area of where the U.S. Dream Academy is situated is not the most cleanliest and lavish neighborhood, there are a lot of problems that arise with the local residents. With that being said, there are a variety of public health practices that are suggested and discussed to address the issues faced by the children and their parents who live in the situation. After doing some research and reading on the different measures done in order to help students and their families who suffer from issues surrounding incarceration and school delinquency I came across a couple of methods that stood out to help these issues. In order to help the…

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