The U.s. And China Essay

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The U.S. and China are two world superpowers that are inextricably entwined with each other and rely on each other a great deal to maintain their world status. Not only are the two countries world superpowers but also, in the present day, have seen a lot of tension due to their race to become the world leader. The U.S. in the past has been considered to be the world’s leader. The changing face of China, however, currently challenges the power of the U.S. as the new world leader. It is crucial for them to bridge these differences and put their struggles to maintain global leadership aside due to their dependent relationship with one another.
These two countries are almost completely opposite in their cultural viewpoints. The U.S. and China must maintain positive, working communication with each other. This will, in turn, help each country to better their selves, and at the same time due to their world superpower status, will help set the stage for positive intercultural communication throughout the globe. A positive working relationship between the United States and China is crucial for social, political and economic success; success that ultimately influences the entire globe due to their status as world superpowers. It is foremost important to understand the cultural differences between the two world superpowers to understand the potential tensions that can rise as a result. A nation’s culture describes the “normal” tendencies in a society. While there are certainly…

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