The Types Of Stem Cells Essay

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Though there are three main types of stem cells, it appears that each have their own purposes and advantages in different types of situations. Embryonic stem cells can be used in a wide variety of treatments, and they excel because of their ability to transform into any other type of cell. Because they can change into any type of cell, they can be used to repair specific parts of the body that other stem cells cannot. They are the master key to the body, but if placed in the body undifferentiated, they can form cancer because they are a foreign substance (Flatow, “Is Stem Cell”). Adult stem cells, on the other hand, are not that susceptible to cancer causing mutations, but they have the disadvantage of turning into the type of cell they were taken from. This can be a positive thing, though, because blood stem cells can be used to specifically treat blood cancers like leukemia. Also, adult stem cells are not nearly as controversial as embryonic stem cells, so most patients are open to using them as a treatment method (Flatow, “Is Stem Cell”). Lastly, cloned stem cells are a mix between the two other types of stem cells. They are not taken from embryos, so no life is being destroyed, but they also have the properties of embryonic stem cells (Flatow, “Research Report”). The future is heading towards cloned stem cells, and hopefully controversy does not stop them on their way to cure diseases. When it comes to curing diseases, stem cells are at the forefront of any…

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