Essay on The Types Of Family Values

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There are five types of family values. These values are social, political, religious, work and moral. (Duffy, n.d) In African-American culture religion is the foundation of many families. This is a cultural and familial value that has been passed down for generations. African-American’s suffered from slavery and oppression for many years and the only motivation or hope that was given to us was through religion. For example, the first influences of African-American Culture into hymns came from Slave Songs and were passed down through oral tradition. Religion is a particular system of faith and worship. (Robinson, 2016) Religion was used as a tool in our history and culture to symbolize future freedom from our oppressors. Religious practices such as, church, praise and worship, temple, and Bible study are greatly emphasized in our culture.
In my family, religion and church attendance has always been a priority. My grandmother always emphasizes how going to church can equate to having a better life. This philosophy followed me until my junior year of college when I became more spiritual as opposed to religious. Although organized religion focuses mainly on the sin and the sinners, spirituality focuses on the universal human experience and the meaning of life. (Krentzman, 2016) Organized religions such as, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism have many cultures tied to them. For example, those who practice in the Islamic faith are generally from the Arabian…

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