The Types Of Environmental Pollution Essay

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Going to restaurants and out to eat in general is typically a good experience enjoyed by many. Dining out allows families to spend time together and reconnect, young couples to chat and fall in love, or simply to fill a craving and empty stomach. However, many do not consider how much waste is produced by these outings. Lots of times people leave to-go boxes on their table by mistake right before they leave, many plastics and glasses (like bottled drinks) are thrown away and not recycled, and countless restaurants use plastic cutlery over regular cutlery. The restaurant industry produces a large amount of waste and there are many ways that a good portion of it can be eliminated.
Sadly, more and more each year the earth is warmed in respects to high rates of pollution, whether it be by: land pollution, water pollution, air pollution, thermal pollution, light pollution, or noise pollution (What Are Types of Environmental Pollution?). These types of pollution can be critical to not only the earth’s health but to those who inhabit it as well.
Unfortunately, the people have generated so much waste that the Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) levels have risen unremarkably and will continue to. As of now the MSW levels are, “…approximately 1.3 billion tonnes per year, and are expected to increase to approximately 2.2 billion tonnes per year by 2025,” (Urban Development Series, 8). While a lot of the waste comes from households and major factories, “…an estimated 133 billion pounds of…

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