The Two Main Causes Of Homelessness

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Homelessness is living on the streets, staying in a shelter or facing any other unstable situation. Today, the problem of homelessness is rather a serious matter and is widespread all over the world. The combination of a factor that leads to homelessness is different for every individual. There are several causes of homelessness, some can be extremely sad and some are just ending up in a dreadful situation that provoke serious problems. Some of the significant factors for youth and families are poverty, domestic violence, mental disabilities and drug addiction. This essay will highlight only two major causes and effects of homelessness.
One of the underlying causes of homelessness is poverty. Poverty comes through drug addiction, mental illness,
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Some of the effects people encounter besides, personal entrapment, are ranging from many health issues.
Homeless people come across many serious health problems. Their health deteriorates occasionally because of not having a stable living arrangement along with the primary health care, including both physical and mental services. Due to the lack of these necessities they suffer from multiple diseases such as drug dependency, physical and sexual assault and skin infections. In addition, it should be mentioned that these diseases do not only affect these homeless people but the society in general.
Another effect of homelessness is personal entrapment or drawing themselves into danger. It is hard for many homeless individuals to believe that they do not have a roof to live under in as a result, they suffer physiologically. Some of the consequences are loss of self-esteem, increased danger of abuse and violence, and development of behavioral problems.
Homelessness is definitely a big stress all over the world today. Homelessness causes differ for all people; some may suffer from lack of food, shelter or job. However, its effects on the society and the person himself can lead to many

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