Essay on The Turn Up, Where Have You Been?

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The “Turn Up”
“Where have you been??” My mentor sighed in disappointment on the other line. I had just got my license in June and by July I had saved up enough to buy my first car. It was a great deal (keeping in mind I work at a car dealership). Someone was going to trade it in and I simply bought it for more. By August, I finally managed to do everything I promised I wouldn’t, and in the end I paid the ultimate price. Totaled my car and learned a great lesson. The festivities were starting early because I managed to earn a whole weekend off from both of my jobs. I decided to spend it by “turning up” with a childhood friend at a couple clubs. We definitely partied. I was literally up all night. Dropped my friend off at six the next morning. Definitely hung over, I should’ve went home, but something told me to just enjoy this weekend. So I went to link up with another old friend and watch movies. I wasn’t near tired anyway. It finally rolled around to about 2 in the afternoon. I remembered I promised I would pick up my friend Faith from the other night and take her to work, so I left. Didn’t notice the whole time my phone was dead. Turned it on to reveal 7 voicemails from my mentor. Forgot I had a meeting early that afternoon. So being the overly-anxious person I am, I quickly called him back to get no answer. I then turned my navigation system on so I could start my trip to Faith. While I was driving on the ramp attempting to get on the highway, I missed my turn the…

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