The Truth That Can Be Supported By Sub Arguments Essay

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David Sirota presents several different arguments in this article, but there is one overlying truth that can be supported by sub-arguments. I will explore and explain the author’s opinions and arguments and analyze the extent to which the argument is presented. Following the outline of our first graded homework, the overall claim and premises found can be identified as follows:
Claim: Public school “reformers” fail to recognize and solve the real issue affecting schools- poverty.
P1: “Reformers” believe that American schools should be at the top of every international list and produce top-of-the-line educators and students P1a: They believe that testing is the best way to show growth and strength, and that all tests should produce results that show how every student is capable of producing good scores/grades.
P1b:: When talking about testing students, reformers often “forget” about the students with different backgrounds and disabilities. They expect their results to be the same as all others, and get upset when they see how the results actually turned out P2: So called reformers blame our school’s issues on teachers, unions and the general system of public education. P2a: The reformers use strong media outlets to present to the nation that we have many bad educators- that they should be fired, or removed away from education in general- and that teacher accountability is why our public schools look bad compared to others around the globe. P2a1: The media is more…

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