The Truth Of The Cause Of Suffering Essay

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Philosophy comes from Greek words meaning love of wisdom and also Philosophy is an academic discipline that exercises reason and logic in an attempt to understand reality and answer fundamental questions about knowledge, life, morality and human nature. (, n.d.)From my understanding, there are three type of philosophy, Western philosophy, Eastern philosophy (including middle eastern) and Modern philosophy. Plato, Aristotle, Socrates are famous western philosophers, Siddartha Gautama (as known as Buddha), Confucius, Sun Tyu, Laozi are famous eastern philosophers, And Karl Marx, Friedrich Nietzsche are famous modern philosophers. (Hour, 2010) (, n.d.) However, there are many more famous philosophers …show more content…
The truth of the cause of suffering - there are two main cause of suffering, Crave and Ignorance. (, n.d.), Buddha teach us to develop our minds and gain wisdom through study, thinking carefully and meditating. The Buddha said that overcoming craving and ignorance leads to true happiness and Enlightenment. (, n.d.)
3. The truth of the end of suffering - Enlightenment is the way to end all suffering. The truth of the path that frees us from suffering - Even though enlightenment is too difficult to understand that 's why Buddha have the formula call Noble Eightfold path but this formula will work by apply these eight step to our life seriously. (, n.d.)

First, the path helps us improve problem solving skill. It 's because we understand the law of cause and effect plus Right mindfulness and Right concentration help you solving the problem.
Second the path also helps us improve our communication skills which is to control my word, no harsh and non-sense word and speaking truths, meaningfully and no harm to the others.
Third, Right attitude, this path helps me divide good and bad rationally by thinking of the result from the
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It 's can affect either positively and negatively depend on your action. Karma(Buddhists) are not implication only this life but beyond this life as well. Bad action in a previous life can follow a person into next life and cause bad effects. Karma determines where and what a person will reborn in a next life. The result of good karma can be born in one of the heavenly realms. Bad karma can rebirth as an animal or worth for example, Hell. (, 2009) In comparison between my philosophy and Buddhism. Actually, there are some similarity between those two. Actually, karma and my philosophy are just the same. My philosophy, if we look Buddhism’s way. ‘be respectful then you will be respected’, it is obvious that ‘be respectful are the cause and being respected are the effect.
After all, Buddhism or my philosophy, it is made me who I am today. It made think more carefully and become sequential thinker. It 's also make me realize my goal what I really want to success in my life and it even gave me a big blur picture of how to success. And somehow made me forgive one of my high-school friend I think because of the Right understanding that help me understand the condition that might led him to did things to me. first time that I told myself that I forgive him, Somehow I felt

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