Essay on The Truth Of Suffering : Siddhartha Gautama ( Buddha )

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Today, everywhere we look we see some form of suffering. What is suffering? According to the Oxford dictionary, suffering is the state of undergoing pain, distress, or hardship. (Oxford Dictionary ) For example, many people don’t like the way they look, others don’t like the route that their life is taking, and some aren’t satisfied with their lives. Us humans, constantly search and search for different things to make us happy. However, we may think that we have found some form or another of that happiness but in reality we never will. Why can’t we find an end to this suffering and be happy with our self being? That is exactly what Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha) attempted to answer when he constructed the Four Noble Truths. The first noble is the truth of suffering The second one is the truth of the cause of suffering. The third is the truth of the end of suffering. Finally, the fourth, the truth that frees us from suffering which is it the eight-fold path (O 'Brien).
The first noble truth that Buddha produced was the truth of suffering. He describes that “life is suffering”. This Statement includes not only the life of a human being but also the human being in general. Buddha characterized life as being Dukkha. What is Dukkha? According to Ven. Ajhan Sumedho, a Theravadine monk and scholar, Dukkha actually means “incapable of satisfying or not able to bear or withstand anything” (O 'Brien). That is exactly what Buddha was referring to when he talked about suffering and why…

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