Essay on The Truth Of A Teenage Mother

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Truth of a Teenage Mother
“Don’t downgrade me because I’m a young mother, help me because I’m willing to learn” (anonymous). In our society, today being a teen mom is not necessarily the issue, the problem is how young mothers are being treated. Because young girls do not have access to birth control or sex education, they end up getting pregnant causing them to be financially and mentally unstable.
Young teens do not always end up having the sex education they should have. They do not learn how to abstain from sex or the risks of sexual activity. They end up getting involved with sexual activity without the clarification of what they are getting into. The worst part of it all is how teen girls do not have access to birth control without a parent’s consent. That does not help the situation because it will not stop teenagers from having sex. “It will just drive them away from the services they need to protect themselves, leading to higher rates of unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s), including HIV” (ACLU). People believe letting teens get contraceptives without a parent is incongruous, but it does not necessarily mean it is encouraging them to have sex because they will do it either way, it just means that they will not have their health or lives at risk. Becoming a mother is a tough job regardless of any circumstances, it is a huge learning curve. People think that being older or as people call…

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