The Truth In The Abyss Essay

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The Truth in the Abyss

When writing they say it is always best to tell the truth. I do not know who “they” are, but “they” seem to be vaguely arrogant, entirely omnipotent and the enforcers of way too many rules. That being said, the truth does not exist. Each person’s perspective of a situation is in and of itself a unique truth. My truth of that night is different than my mother’s. I will get to those truths, but first here is the beginning. Anxiety holds my hand while 3 a.m. holds my secrets. It has been this way since before I could remember. I would obsesses over my fears to the point of becoming physically sick. Often this kept me from school with the classic “headache” explanation to my teachers and peers. Once, when I was only nine years old, I stayed up an entire night with my head dead set on the idea that the house was going to burn down. The very next day I forced my mom to buy me an escape ladder. When I turned eleven there was not a doubt in my mind that I was going to be murdered in my sleep. I used to pull my covers over
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Or, did you invent a completely new truth of your own as you read? In order to answer this question of truth I reflect on the profound verity that I was taught on that night. My panic attack showed me that we are alone. Physically you may be right next to someone, but psychologically there is always going to be this gap between people that can never fully be bridged. The abyss if you will. No matter how much information I seem to tell you, you will never have the whole story. If you think you know me, you do not. You will never see the entire abyss, and neither will I. Even in an everyday event that seems cut and dry there is never going to be one truth so long as there is a single doubt or emotion that differs for one person. The plurality of the truth paradoxically contradicts its very existence. So the truth does not exist. And “they” never really knew what “they” were talking

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