The Truth In The Abyss Analysis

The Truth in the Abyss

When writing they say it is always best to tell the truth. I do not know who “they” are, but “they” seem to be vaguely arrogant, entirely omnipotent and the enforcers of way too many rules. That being said, the truth does not exist. Each person’s perspective of a situation is in and of itself a unique truth. My truth of that night is different than my mother’s. I will get to those truths, but first here is the beginning. Anxiety holds my hand while 3 a.m. holds my secrets. It has been this way since before I could remember. I would obsesses over my fears to the point of becoming physically sick. Often this kept me from school with the classic “headache” explanation to my teachers and peers. Once, when I was only
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That was all she said to me until the next morning when I was allowed to miss school. My mother found me in the bathroom that second night and told me that I was, again, too sick to go to school. She had come to the conclusion and accepted that I was actually ill. The memory of that night has since been collecting dust, neatly tucked away inside the labyrinth of my mother’s head. That is and will always be her truth. My truth begins and ends with my sitting on the bathroom floor. It was January 28th, 2015. On that bleak winter Wednesday at 5:47 p.m. I felt my stomach turn. After getting back from school this had become a regular occurrence. The thought of starting the whole process over in the morning weighed on my mind. The burden of getting up, going to school, and interacting with everyone had always felt so fake to me. Lately, my life had become a television show. It was as though the world was being played out in front of me, but I was not actually participating. I felt like I was drowning without water. Suffocating in rooms full of air. The clock struck six. My knees dug into the teal tiles that speckle my bathroom floor. My head swelled, my stomach lurched, and the blood drained from my face with each heave. In my daze I looked over to find my mom looking down at me. She seemed far away, but her words were right in my

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