Essay about The Truth Behind Sex Trafficking

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The Truth Behind Sex Trafficking Minors in Atlanta
In 2005 a study performed by the Atlanta Women 's Agenda was presented to Atlanta’s mayor (at the time) Shirley Franklin. The study was to show the true sheer amount of girls that were being sexually exploited in our city. Sex trafficking is holding slave like conditions overcome one for the use of selling and buying services(4). The findings of the study are eye opening to a tragedy that has remained behind closed doors. In Georgia, 300 adolescent are exploited every month, on average 67 girls participated in prostitution in places that are known for trafficking, 129 girls are prostituted nightly on average and, on average 137 girls appeared on the website craigslist a month (3). These findings moved mayor Franklin to start the “Dear John Campaign”, designed to send a message out to johns (men who pay for prostitution) warning them that when they buy sex from trafficked minors, they not only hurt the child but also the community and declared that this would not happen in Atlanta anymore. In 2007 alone it was predicted that child sex trafficking was a 290 million dollar industry just in metro Atlanta (1). We have predicted that in Georgia we have around 7200 men who specifically pay to have sex with minors 42% of them living north of the perimeter(1). The sex trafficking of minors is an ongoing tragedy that is growing and spreading throughout the city of Atlanta. Many efforts have been carried out and implemented in the…

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