The Truth Behind Myths Are Written From The Word Of Mouth, Legend, And Imagination

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History, to use the more correct if the word, it means the narrative prose of past events, and perhaps it is true because the infallibility of human testimony will be allowed. Moreover, History addresses many issues in a very factual way while myths only try to explain a few of the daily occurrences through very subjective ways. Also, in history, the sources usually come from primary sources or objective secondary sources while in myths, many of the ideas come from word of mouth, legend, and imagination. Lastly, history is used as a factual guide to the past used to explain, describe, and analyze the truth while myths are written to entertain, explain strange natural occurrences, and teach moral lessons.
In practice, the line between history and mythus often not easy to draw. But the theoretical distribution is normal. The recesses of history, but from a distance, a contemporary witness to the relevant fact. Written records are indispensable completely, and the tradition has been to provide the place and represent contemporary authentic certificate. But the tradition is very safe and likely to be innovative and equally oblivious. It is in the light of a half mythus tradition born of the creative fancy of man, and the difficulty of separating fact from fiction in this land borders of the tale mingled reality is often up to the impossibility.
But even authentic facts alone are not enough to make up history. Many of the facts and dates recorded with reference to China, Egypt,…

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