Essay on The Truth Behind Gmo 's

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The Truth behind GMO’s

From the first but fire built, to the enlightenment, to now, people have used technology to further advance their knowledge of this earth. As humans the technology that we have discovered extraordinary things. Every day science advances in new methods to make people 's lives productive, faster, and more efficient. However science sometimes pushes the boundaries of humans ethical, scientific and political views. A new controversy has sprung from Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), especially the production, sale, and consumption of genetically modified foods. GMO’s are organism or microorganism whose genetic material has been altered by genetic engineering. Many are concerned that the consumption of GMO foods by may pose serious health risks. The concern is centered on the idea that there could potentially be various different consequences due to the consumption of GMO foods. The potential side effects of the creation if GM foods, such as potential toxicity and allergies, and although it was found that the possibility could happen no real danger was found. So these side effects are being regularly assessed and precautions are being taken to detect and avoid them. Therefore, the overall potential of GM foods to have negative effects on human health due some research upon which is not well evaluated is negligible. However there others, such as, religious and environmentalists have some concerns on how GMO’s will conflict with their ethical…

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