The Truth Behind Animal Agriculture Essay

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The Truth Behind Animal Agriculture
Samantha LeMere
Globe University The population continues to grow in the United States, the demand for variety meat is higher than ever. Stated in The Morning Edition, the average human will consume about 270.7 pounds of meat per year (Eliza Barclay, 2012). Has it ever occurred to mankind the measures we are taking to keep up with the supply and demand of these protein rich foods? Because of increased need of supply, farm animals are arguably treated in an inhumane matter, our environment is suffering; furthermore, humans are gambling their lives by misunderstanding the origin of the foods lavished over. Lack of exposure to the behind the scenes meat production can appear be misleading. After all, humans and carnivores only seem to have the one worry of keeping healthy and well nourished. Let’s address the real question here; what causes the increased need of meats? The answer is obvious; fast food chains, restaurants, food distributors, as well as human lifestyles and population increase. Acceleration of animal agriculture is now exhibiting negative effects on people, earth’s environment, and the animals being slaughtered, to provide the demand of meat and meat based products.
Due to the growing increased, so called “need” for meat, we are beginning to see the sizes of farms grow at a tremendously rapid rate. Most meat processed and sold today comes from confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs). These companies demand a large…

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