The Truth About Smartphone Addiction Analysis Essays

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The Truth About Smartphone Addiction Analysis The introduction of smartphones provides students access to information faster and more efficiently; however when are the negative effects going to be realized? Highly praised professor and expert in the studies of communications, Richard Emanuel, targets these negative changes throughout his article “The Truth About Smartphone Addiction”. In his article, he addresses college students because they tend to be extremely tech savvy and intertwined with new technologies, and “are most vocal about the things they want changed” (Emanuel 3). These smartphones have revolutionized the college academic environment, making it easier to obtain knowledge and spread information. However, Emanuel’s stance on the negative impacts of smartphones leads to an effective argument for the curtailing of smartphone use. He indicates that the unprecedented access to information given by phones through the internet could be a major boom in an academic setting; yet for most students and educators, the discussion on smartphones centers on them as a distracting, isolating force. He addresses that students are dependent upon smartphones for positive purposes, such as safety or research; however the line between dependency and over dependency (with its symptoms of addiction and impatience) can easily become blurred. Through the use of warrants and logos, Emanuel makes an effective argument towards the negative effects of smartphones on college students and…

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