The Truth About Life And Death Essay

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This poem illustrates the conflict of the poet to confront the reality, particularly about the truth about life and death. The poet although well renowned in this century, was rarely known in her time because people in her time did not understand her literature and also because of her awkward behavior in life. The poem symbolizes how the poet must have felt in her life about facing the truth in the real world, which might be one of the reasons why she decided not to leave her home. The poet claims how the sky’s know everything going on around the world as there is no place on earth where sky cannot reach. The poet also portrays how the things sky sees down on earth, he passes it down to hills, orchards and daffodils. The poet represents the phenomenon of gossiping that happens among human beings in which a simple secret is passed on from one person to another and so on. Then the poet tells how a bird might over hear the sky gossiping with the hills, daffodils and the orchards and that the poet might be able to get that gossip form the bird. Here the poet shows how gossiping sends around the world to everyone. Then the poet turns the poem to tell what secret she had be talking all along about, reality of life and death by using the phenomenon of summer and winter. In this way, the poet has put all her struggle about her life into this poem and how she managed not to overcome the truth.
In the first stanza, (1-4) the poet begins by inducing the synonym of gossip with what goes…

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