The Truth About Hybrid Cars Essay

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The Truth About Hybrid Cars

A hybrid car can be defined as environmentally friendly car which is propelled by a

finely tuned gasoline or diesel fuel engine in combination with an electric drive which is used in

city or in slow moving traffic. These innovative vehicles are helping with the reduction of air

pollution all across the country. With the reduction in air pollution across the globe, it will cause

humans to breathe healthier, cleaner air and stop the constant spew of greenhouse gases into the

atmosphere. Generally, these eco-friendly automobiles are a little more expensive than normal

cars, but the benefit of the reduction of the harmful emissions is a greater benefit that slight

increase in cost. Toyota is the current world leaders in hybrid car sales, which “in 2009, totaled

over two million, followed by Honda with a third of a million sales” (Scott 1). Toyota released

the first hybrid car in its own Toyota Prius in 1998, then however, Honda released its Insight

shortly after. The hybrid vehicle has been available to us for almost two decades.

The first factor in which the hybrids are saving on air pollution is the fact that the engines

are becoming “smarter” by having special computerized monitoring systems inside the engines

that control emissions and how efficient the engines are overall. These special computers make

the vehicles a little extra in cost but the new technology will make the difference in saving on air


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