The Truth About Hiv / Aids Essay

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While speaking on her state pre-treatment, the documentary used a cutaway shot of someone sitting next to her handing her purse to her. This shot is significant for it allows the audience to see the reality of what she was saying. Imagining the extent of which this virus had eaten at her is unfathomable. So cutting to and from her health and unhealthy self, the viewer can see the magnitude in which HIV/AIDS had affected her. In her state before the medicine, Concillia was unable to take care of her daughter, let alone herself and therefore had to rely on others. But post ARV, everything changed. “…And after I started my medication, it was like I was being resurrected from the bed I was sleeping in… by this time I can go for a walk without getting dizzy, or anything. And I’m about to go to the market to buy some food stuff for my daughter and myself” (The Lazarus Effect 2010, 14:29). This time when she spoke, they had cutaway shots to her laughing, and shopping with her sister to show her new reality; the reality the ART proved her with. This showed the audience the significant recovery that ART allowed Concilla to make. She is now able to take care of daughter and herself. Without the ART, her quality of life wouldn’t have increased. The scholarly article Perception and predictors of quality of life among HIV patients attending art clinics in northwest Ethiopia: a prospective longitudinal study by Mamo Wubshet; Yemane Berhane; Alemayehu Worku; Yigzaw Kebede examined the…

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