Essay on The Truth About Globalization

1007 Words May 11th, 2016 5 Pages
“The truth about GLOBALIZATION”
While there are many benefits to a globalized world, there are also corresponding disadvantages. For instance, rich global companies open up factories in Mexico, hiring local workers. While this might seem like a positive, these workers are not paid a fair amount. In addition, these companies cause extreme pollution in the air. The Mexican government should protect its people and environment from these global powers. However, the corruption within the government only furthers these problems as the government continues to support these companies. So I propose we stand up against the government to fight these injustices. We need to encourage companies to increase people’s wages, create a safer working environment, and use more environmentally friendly production methods.
Mexico has been one of the countries most affected by globalization in the whole world. Globalization in Mexico, is caused by the corrupt government. To explain more, a corrupted government all they care about is becoming richer, because for them power is the answer to everything, rather than care for their citizens. Recent studies say that, “Mexico is listed as country 103 corrupted country”(Ramos news article). This illustrates how bad Mexican corruption truly is, primarily affecting those who live in poverty. The reason it affects its people is because not many people fight the government. Compared to the government, we are the small fish that can be eaten by the big…

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